Charles Gee

As Interviewed by Andy Couch, March 21, 2017
"I'm here to get an education, I'm here to go to class, get a grade, go home, study, and do it all over again, but at the same time it's how much work I put into that. It's how often I meet with my professors. It's how often I study. It's how much energy and work I put into my education to make sure I get what I want to see."
Charles Gee

Introductory Profile: About Charles Gee

I first met Charles Gee when my mom took me to meet him for the interview. We went to an office near my momís office, and we sat down and I interviewed him. He is tall, with dark curly hair. He is a smooth talker, and he got his points over well. When he really gets into a topic, you can feel his passion for it like standing next to a fire. He was enjoyable and fun to talk to.

Our topics generally talked about his work with minorities, and how education was a big problem, and that he was helping with fixing it. We went into his story about education, and how he grew up as a child who had to work harder to get to the same level as other students.