Kenji Fukuhara

As interviewed by Morgan Pascoe, March 11, 2017
"Itís kind of a, kind of a nightmare to tell you the truth."
Kenji Fukuhara

Introductory Profile: About Kenji Fukuhara

My interviewee is Kenji Fukuhara, my grandfather. He lives in Boulder, Colorado and was born in northern California. He had nine siblings. He is currently 77 years old with a wife, two daughters, and two grandchildren.

This interview is about his time in Japanese-American internment camps. These camps started during World War II soon after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. During my interview, he talks about the living conditions of the camps and some of the activities the kids participated in.

Mr. Fukuhara was three when he was put in an internment camp. He was in a camp in northern California called Tule Lake and was later moved to a camp in Utah called Topaz. He left Topaz in 1946, when he was six years old.