Lynn Greene-Rooks

As Interviewed by Sydney F., March 30, 2017
"At this point in my life, I refuse to apologize for who I am."
Lynn Greene-Rooks

Introductory Profile: About Lynn Greene-Rooks

My interviewee is Lynn Greene-Rooks. I met Lynn through her wife, who is a faculty member at Texas State University and works with my mom. Lynn is currently in the process of becoming a human-rights lawyer, but she is also an activist. Lynn’s work includes activism in areas such as feminism, environmental issues, and LGBT+ rights. She has worked to accomplish many things involving these areas such as founding the San Marcos Area Safe Haven, or SMASH, for marginalized members of the community.

During the interview, we mainly discussed her work involving LGBT+ rights, as well as some of her experiences as a member of the LGBT+ community. We also talked about how she sees members of the LGBT+ community being treated in society, and what changes she has seen and would like to see for these people. Lynn shared times when she has personally experienced discrimination, and discrimination she has seen others experience. Additionally, we touched on support she has given and received from those in her community. It was interesting to hear how attitudes towards LGBT+ members of the community have changed over time, and what she personally experiences. Lynn is an articulate person who is passionate about the work she does, and I really enjoyed hearing her insight.