Liefen Su-Hovd

As interviewed by Tor Hovd, March 19, 2017
"Racism is every happening every moment, hour, and day it just people don't realize that."
Liefen Su-Hovd

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Liefen Su-Hovd was born in 1971 and she is currently 46 years old. She is a mother of two children, my sister and I. She is currently working for herself as a software consultant. She was born in Taiwan and lived there for a bit before moving to the U.S. at age 7. Her mother before moving was a teacher and her father was a vice president of a company. Liefen grew up between a time where some parts of the U.S. was still racist and other parts more accepting. Liefen is a tall woman at 57 with black, straight hair and her personality is happy and ground to the earth.

The tone of the interview was calm and logical. The story started in Taiwan then moved to Maine and talked about how Maine was more accepting and then the story took a turn to Texas and talked about how it was racist there.