Faye Arnos

As Interviewed by Walker Gossett, March 23, 2017
"I think we should have never had segregation, and I didn't realize that until later in life. When I was a young child and in school I didn't think about it because thats just the way things always were. But once I got older and saw more about the world and what was going on I realized it was a terrible injustice to people."
Faye Arnos

Introductory Profile: About Faye Arnos

This interview is about Faye Arnos. She is a 73 year-old woman and a mother of two as well as a grandmother of two -- one of them being myself. She lived in Cleveland, Mississippi until she was 24 years-old. She is very kind, caring, and willing to give a unique insight to racism and segregation in the Deep South.

In this interview, she talks of James Meredith being initially blocked from attending the University of Mississippi, her mother being a teacher in an integrated school, and her personal view on segregation as a whole. It is certainly an intriguing interview that will hopefully give you a unique viewpoint and a new perspective of someone experiencing this firsthand.