Farah Abdulazeez

As Interviewed by Davis Palmer, March 8, 2017
"Now you hear the media; she is and he is, but never, back then we were all the same."
Farah Abdulazeez

Introductory Profile: About Farah Abdulazeez

My, name is Davis Palmer and I interviewed Farah Abdulazeez. I came to know Mrs. Abdulazeez at my former elementary school, Doss, where she is a teacher helping children translate Arabic and transition into living in America. At Doss Elementary Mrs. Abdulazeez is a patient and hardworking teacher. On the more personal side, Mrs. Abdulazeez was born in the capital of Iraq, Baghdad, and came to America in 2006 to find safety for her family. When they came to the United States, she made many sacrifices, including quitting her job, leaving her house, and her husband quitting his job. Mrs. Abdulazeez would do anything for her kids and acted upon her beliefs and what she knew was best for her family.

Throughout the Interview, Mrs. Abdulazeez always spoke with kindness and caring about her kids and other people. This represents a thought system of putting everyone ahead of herself. Also, Mrs Abdulazeez would still be at home in Iraq if not for her kids, this proves that she cares about the lives of her family and their community.

Mrs. Abdulazeez continues to be affected by extremists such as ISIS and similar groups that are persecuting muslims because they believe there should only be one religion. Also, within the community where she was born there was little to no segregation based on gender and race. This allowed for her to grow up naturally without feeling entitled or pushed downward. After all she had been through, from waiting in different countries and sacrificing everything, all of it finally paid off and now she is happy with her family in America.