Jay Hailey

Emma McBride, March 19, 2017
"The significance that was, some things happen to us, and we're in the state of shock, we don't understand the significance."
Jay Hailey

Introductory Profile: About Jay Hailey

Jay Hailey has experienced multiple events in his lifetime that are now considered important historical events. I decided to focus on two slightly similar ones, the John F. Kennedy assassination and the University of Texas shooting for my interview with him. My grandfather grew up in Dallas as a boy, and stayed until after college, when he and his wife Ann Hailey moved to Austin so that Jay could go to the law school at the University of Texas. It was in college that Jay heard about the JFK assassination, and law school when he experienced the UT Tower shooting. Jay now works at a law firm where he incorporates the knowledge he gained at the UT Law School.

I originally was only going to ask my Jay Hailey about the JFK assassination, but after doing a bit of research, I realized that talking to someone who hadnít even attended the JFK assassination about his experience during that time was not going to pass as an engaging interview. Thus I decided to ask him about the UT Tower shooting, which my mother (his daughter) told me that he had been on campus for. After looking at the feedback I got for just that part of the interview, it occurred to me that I didnít necessarily need the part about the JFK assassination either. But as a last minute decision, I left it in so that he could express how he believed the two events were similar.