Scott Snader

As interviewed by Cezi Ritter-Snader, March 2, 2017
"Could you imagine to have your partner in the hospital, dying of cancer or something like that, and for the nurse and doctor to say, 'Well you're not a relative, you can't come in to see your partner'?"
Scott Snader

Introductory Profile: About Scott Snader

The person I interviewed for my Firsthand History Project was my Uncle, Scott Snader. Born in 1967, he is now fifty years old and working as a director of admissions at Treatment Partners of America. He grew up in Marlton, New Jersey with his younger brother and parents. He is a gay man, and came out when he was twenty-one years old. My uncle currently lives in Florida with his dog, Toby.

My uncle is a kind and generous man. He's fun, funny, and not afraid to laugh at himself. Though he calls himself a private person, he really gave me a lot of good information to use for my project.

In this interview, my uncle talks about coming out to his parents and how they took the information. My uncle talks about what it was like prior to the legalization of gay marriage, and how that might affect someone who had a partner in the hospital. He then goes on to talk about how the legalization of gay marriage has, "leveled out the playing fields" for the LGBTQ community, and how it allows for partners to have spousal benefits such as insurance.