As Interviewed by Luella Bowersock, March 17, 2017
"The entire slope broke off."

Introductory Profile: About M.R.

M.R. is an immigrant from the Netherlands to the US. His brother went to college here and he wanted to visit him. When M. came to visit he wanted to go to college here. He moved to Boston and went to college there. He would sometimes visit home to see his family and friends but they never came here to visit him. M. and his friends started going on ski trips to Switzerland and other French and Itilaian Alps. They would climb up the mountains to little huts and then ski down and climb back up. M. is a really good skier and could be a ski instructor if he wanted to. He goes on a lot of ski trips with his family so he is experienced with mapped terrain and out of bounds terrain.

In the interview M. talks about his trips to with his friends. He talks about an avalanche he and three other people experienced. He talked about how it started and how he got out. He talked about how his family and friends hadn't visited in a long time but how his friends and him had a tradition of skiing with them. In the interview he talks about how he wished his mom would visit more often but going on these trips with his friends helps.