Florence's Comfort House

Ryan Abou-Hamdan, March 15, 2017
"We have to be strong and we have to help more people now because of what's going on -- and I think this is going to make us stronger. It's going to bring the good out in the good and the bad out in the evil."
Florence's Comfort House

Introductory Profile: About Florence Ponziano

The person that I have decided to interview about social justice is Florence Ponziano. I met her after my dad had introduced me to her at his work, and he also told me about all the great things she's achieved and about what she does. She is the owner and runner of Florence's Comfort House, where she comforts children and people of all ages if they ever need it. She is a loving woman that loves children and simply everything about life. She goes with what she has, and she loves doing what she does. She helps out so much that she was able to meet the President getting a Presidential Award, and being a featured house in Keep Austin Weird!

Florence is a very heartfelt and loving woman that does everything she can in order to help everyone in need. As she said, she will be doing this her whole life. She lives in a run-down neighborhood and doesn't complain about money in any way. She accepts donations, and there are some people there that volunteer in order to help her take care of the kids. Any donation that she gets, she uses in order to buy the things that the kids need. She does this full time, and will even stay up until every kid that will be sleeping the night at her house is comforted. If you think that's amazing, she uses her social security number in order to get food for the children, and since this is a non-profit organization, all the money she has that she uses for the kids either come from herself or the donations.

Meeting Florence has been a truly life-changing experience, and I have learned a lot from it. One of these things is grateful for what you have, as some kids in this world may not have the same luxuries that you have.

You can almost see the love radiating off of Florence, and by looking at what she's doing to those kids, you know that she truly puts a lot of effort into it. Everything that Florence does for the Comfort House is heartfelt and with intention.

I am truly honored to have met a woman that has accomplished so much in life and will keep going to the very end.