Olyvia Green

As Interviewed by Brock Shiono, March 13, 2017
"No matter what your job is, do the very best that you can do. Whether you like it or not, stick with it! Because you never know, you might be helping someone else."
Olyvia Green

Introductory Profile: About Olyvia Green

For the project my interviewee was Olyvia Green. She was the first African-American teacher at Pease Elementary School in downtown Austin. I met saw her speak at Kealing for the Martin Luther King Day of Service, then my mom and I emailed her to get together for the interview.

Ms. Green grew up in Magnolia, Arkansas and had two children before moving here for teaching. She is a very sweet and kind person, and she eased me into the interview so I was not as nervous.

During the interview I asked about her childhood and her experiences in the South. I also asked about how her job interview went, different questions asked during them. And how she felt around administrators, teachers, and her students.Then I asked her how she handled her sons while having a job as a teacher. During the interview Ms. Green kept the mood happy and bright with her positive attitude. Ms. Green is 71 years old and still lives in Austin.