Colonel Brij Mohan Malhotra

Rohan M., March 15, 2017
"It always seems impossible unless it is done."
Colonel Brij Mohan Malhotra

Introductory Profile: About Colonel Brij Mohan Malhotra

I am interviewing Colonel Brij Mohan Malhotra. He is my grandfather, and for years I've heard of his stories, so I decided to interview him. He lives in India, but comes to visit me and my cousins in Houston a lot. For spring break, he came over to our house, and I saw the perfect chance for an interview. He knows a lot, and likes to tell the whole story rather than the highlights, and is always proud of himself. He spends most of his time reading and watching movies. For that spring break, Every morning we would go out on walk.

Some of the topics we covered was him moving from one place to another being posted in different locations. One time he was posted at 13,000 feet, another time the desert. I also inquired about his position of being a Commanding Officer, and how him being in the army affected his daily life. He had a very informative tone, and wanted to tell me as much as he could. I think the interview was good, and I learned a lot.