Hank Mol

As Interviewed by Ian Becher, March 19, 2017
"You can't just believe the liberal news or conservative news, but to make an opinion for yourself. Get the facts."
Hank Mol

Introductory Profile: About Hank Mol

Over Spring Break I interviewed a very interesting US Air Force veteran about his struggle for social justice with misleading/ bias news. His name is Hank Mol. He is my auntís father-in-law. He was born and raised in New Jersey and went to New Jersey Institute of Technology, got a masterís degree in Civil Engineering, and entered the Air Force. He then married Iris Mol. Hank is now 72 and doing great. He is well in shape, physically and morally. He is a serious and very straightforward guy, and also very successful at what he did.

During the interview, which went great, he tells of three times when bias news, news that is only giving one side of the story, affected the beliefs of the people around him, that then affected him and his job has an American Air Force pilot. When he went overseas to the Congo to support the president of the Congo, the local newspapers described them as invaders, not helpers.