Lisa Scheps

As Interviewed by Hannah Cukierman, March 14, 2017
"The myth that this is for the safety of non trans identified students, is exactly that. Itís a myth. Thereís no danger there for them. So with President Trumpís removal of that executive order, he doesnít do anything to make other students safe and he endangers gender diverse students."
Lisa Scheps

Introductory Profile: About Lisa Scheps

I interviewed Lisa Scheps. She is a transgender female, meaning she was male but currently is female. Lisa is very proud of who she is. She is very kind and very grateful for the experience that she had. She said that she was very lucky that she had it better off than other people in the transgender community.

When I interviewed her, she told me all about her whole life, and how she always knew that she wanted to be a women. Lisa is very active in the transgender community, she advocates for people who cannot advocate for themselves. Lisa works at a radio station, which is actually where we did my interview. Lisa is a role model in our community. She is an inspiration to all of those who are gender diverse.