James Bradford

As Interviewed by Julia Tompkins, March 9, 2017
"Know what your mission is, and master all that you can about the elements of your mission and pursue it as hard as possible. "
James Bradford

Introductory Profile: About James Bradford

For my interview, I asked James Bradford, a World War II air force pilot, a few questions. I knew Mr. Bradford because he lives in my neighborhood. I wanted to learn about his experience in World War II, so I thought that this would be the perfect time to ask him about it.

James Bradford doesn’t remember some of the things he did during World War II, but he was still kind enough to share some personal information with me. He explained to me his experience while fighting as an air force pilot in World War II. He fought against Japan as a night fighter pilot, meaning he and his crew would fly at night and shoot down as many Japanese planes as they could. What Mr. Bradford did as a night fighter pilot fascinated me. During the interview, he told me how he became interested in becoming an air force pilot. What really inspired me was what motivated Mr. Bradford to keep fighting. Mr. Bradford said that he fought in the World War because he knew his team would win. He did it, so he could change the world.

James Bradford seemed like a very brave man. His stories, and experiences fascinated me, and I would love to learn more about what he did during World War II.