Byung Woo

As Interviewed by Jonathan Woo, March 26, 2017
"The police shot a dozen tear gas, so I could not see a foot away."
Byung Woo

Introductory Profile: About Byung Woo

I interviewed Byung Woo, my father, who was born in South Korea in 1969 and moved to Seoul in 1972. He lived in Seoul until he moved to Flagstaff, Arizona in the early 2000s. He then moved to Los Angeles, and then to Austin, where he lives today. He works at Tei Tech Construction and enjoys reading and running.

In my interview with Byung Woo, we talked about the Democratic Uprising that was happening in South Korea, the demands of the protesters, the political situations and problems at the time, and his imprisonment for participating in the demonstrations. He also talked about the police brutality that was going on at the time. Despite the content, the tone of the interview was pleasant, humorous, and very enjoyable to listen to.

My interview with Byung Woo about the June Democratic Uprising was very interesting and informative, and I learned information about my dad that I had never known before. I think the June Democratic Uprising was a very prolific event that helped improve and shape the South Korean system of government into what it is today.