Hans-Jochen Ewe

As Interviewed by Marc E, March 24, 2017
"It was very nice because flying an aircraft, being a pilot, I got a lot of people to meet outside the normal life in other countries in other functions -- and I had a lot of friends that I would not like to miss."
Hans-Jochen Ewe

Introductory Profile: About Hans-Jochen Ewe

My Grandpa, Hans-Jochen Ewe is a military veteran from the German Air force, the Luftwaffe. He was also part of NATO, working on anti-nuclear warfare. He flew an F-104 star-fighter and many other planes. He was 19 when he joined the military. Eventually he was going to be drafted, so he decided to at least volunteer so that he could choose the armed service he was in. He has bunches of stories on his job, but some of them are classified.

My grandpa will be talking about his military experiences in this interview. He will talk about how NATO works and how his time was there. He will also talk about his military experience, flight training, the planes he flew, and other experiences in the Luftwaffe.