As Interviewed by D.G., March 16 and April 10, 2017
"Education is one of the most important things for people to get ahead in life. Limiting education for a certain race would likely cause that race to go downhill in economic and social status."

Introductory Profile: About Anonymous

My interviewee is anonymous. She grew up in Malaysia but later immigrated to America where she lives now. I met my interviewee through my parents, as she is family friend. My interviewee is a woman of average height with shoulder-length black hair. She gives off an air of familiarity, but her demeanor is still calm and quiet. My interviewee’s personality is more reserved, but there were still moments in the interview where she became very passionate.

The interview was mainly about discrimination by the law in Malaysia. A major part of the interview was about, more specifically, discrimination in the Malaysia education system. The interview started off with a discussion on the basics of the discriminatory laws in Malaysia, but it then moved on to more personal questions about the interviewee herself. My interviewee had many stories and personal experiences to share about how her education and opportunities compared to those of the ethnic Malays.

The overall tone of the interview was slightly formal, but there was still a air of passion that came through during certain questions.