Diagon Gaither

As Interviewed by Diego Little, March 17, 2017
"When you're told that you're not okay, that who you fundamentally are is not acceptable, it's easy to see the need to leave the planet."
Diagon Gaither

Introductory Profile: About Diagon Gaither

My interviewee, Diagon Gaither is a gay, zen priest living in San Francisco. He has been an activist for many different groups supporting different causes including Black Lives Matter, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence -- and has also just been an activist in the gay community. I knew him because my Mom was already friends with him and she thought he would be a good person to interview. His is very kind and patient. He was very understanding and was excited to see how the project turned out.

Some topics that were covered were how violence and hatred against gays led to increased suicide rates for those people, why there's hate in the first place, what we can do to improve the rights of others, and more. The overall feeling I got from the interview was a bit dark but also showed the honest truth of how we can make things better. It really explained what the real problems are and how bad they really can be.