Michael L.

As Interviewed by Barrett Ruth, March 15, 2017
"This [9/11] happened to the country but it mainly happened to us [New Yorkers]."
Michael L.

Introductory Profile: About Michael L.

My interviewee is Michael L., someone who experienced the tragic 9/11 event. I first heard of him when this English project was announced. I asked my parents about a person who I could interview, and my mom said I could interview him. She talked about how he was a very kind, talkative, and nice person who would be perfect for the interview. It turns out I learned more about him in this interview than just his experience.

Overall, this interview was a learning experience and brought not only this event but many others into the light for me. We talked about how he was there at that day, what happened during and after the event, and his thoughts on how 9/11 is considered today. Many people think of it in awe, wanting to go to the museum and try to see what it was like for people like Michael L. at the time. The event was horrible, and trying to relive a scarring event of the lives of many is quite rude. Similarly, witnesses donít want to be identified by this one experience as this does nothing to describe who they are. This interview is what I think many need to learn about, and be able to comprehend history in an altered light.