James Baker

As Interviewed by Ethan Chuah, March 16, 2017
"I couldnít change anything; the law would have to change so we could do something. "
James Baker

Introductory Profile: About James Baker

My interviewee, Mr. James Baker, is my motherís colleague who has worked as a caregiver for the elderly for more than 20 years. He was born in Elgin during the 1950s. His mother was a church pastor. Both his parents were very kind to him. He was born during segregation and lived through the desegregation era. He is a very pleasant man who loves to share his past with others.

When I interviewed Mr. Baker, he was very kind and friendly. I was quite shy at first, but he encouraged me to share whatever thoughts that went through my head. He told me he loved children and takes care of eight of his grandchildren. In fact, one of his grandchildren is my age.

Mr. Baker had many stories to tell involving social injustice that he experienced during childhood and adulthood. A few of them were very dark and shocking -- one of them involved his house being burnt down. Even though he experienced so many social injustices in his lifetime, he does not hold a grudge or project anger towards the white people. In fact, he is currently married to a Caucasian woman.

This is my first interview with a stranger and it has been very educational. Enjoy the podcast!