Kevin Neuse

As Interviewed by Charlie Sernovitz, March 10, 2017
"[CASA is] a wonderful organization. At any given time there are about 2,000 kids who need CASA. CASA serves about 85 or 90 percent of those kids. CASA does amazing work. CASA is the organization but all the people who are on the front line actually helping the kids are volunteers."
Kevin Neuse

Introductory Profile: About Kevin Neuse

Kevin Neuse (pronounced Noisy) is the VP of management at GasPedal and My father also works at these companies, so I met Mr. Neuse through him. Mr. Neuse and his wife, Jennifer, have two kids and fostered two kids many years ago. He has been involved in foster care for some time. He is a kind and down-to-earth person when it comes to business and volunteering for the CASA organization and the other services he has worked with in the past.

The interview starts with some of Mr. Neuse’s personal information and his background in volunteer work, the foster care system as he sees it, and the CASA training program. He then moves into the story of the struggling child he is helping as a CASA volunteer and the progress he has made. In the end, he wraps up by talking about his thoughts on the organization and a possible future for his volunteer work.