Teresa Laskosz

As Interviewed by Bella Wysocki, March 8, 2017
"Mainly we were fighting for freedom. "
Teresa Laskosz

Introductory Profile: About Teresa Laskosz

Teresa Laskosz was born in 1948 in a small village, Slawice, near Krakow, Poland. Then, she moved to Miechow, Poland for high school about 15 years later, since her home town didnít have high school. For college, Teresa moved to Krakow and eventually worked at the university she attended. While Teresa lived in Poland, she experienced the Solidarity movement. Teresa immigrated to the United States before Martial Law was imposed, when she was about 35.

My mother, Mary Neuburger, works at UT as the director of the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies. She works closely with Agnes Sekowski, the assistant director of the Center. Agnes introduced me to Teresa, her mother, in her office at UT where I interviewed her. Teresa is a quiet, kind, and passionate person. She tells vivid stories and shares her memories down to the very last detail. Teresa gave me the chance to learn about Polish Solidarity from a first-person perspective.

In Teresaís interview, she talked in detail about her experiences related to the Solidarity movement in Poland. My questions for Teresa brought back painful yet inspirational memories from her home country while under communism. The tone of the interview was intense, yet some emotions were held back as she explained the harsh living conditions of Poland in the late 1900s.