Bill Black

As Interviewed by Mika Syms, March 20, 2017
"At that age kids donít know white from black."
Bill Black

Introductory Profile: About Bill Black

My interviewee is Bill Black and he is the father of one of my dadís friends from work. I go over to his house a lot to work on homework because he doesnít live that far away. Mr. Bill is a very kind man, likes to joke and cares a lot about his five dogs. He was born in the 1940s in Austin. His mother was a live-in maid for a white family until he was about five years-old.

I interviewed Mr. Bill twice. The first time, the app I was using only recorded ten minutes of the interview, so I had to try again. I think that the second interview came out better because I knew what to ask about.

In the interview Mr. Bill talks about his experiences with discrimination, most of which occurring after segregation ended. Even though segregation had ended, the views of most people didnít. There arenít that many spots in the interview where Mr. Bill is talking about something happy, but not everything is sad. Some of these memories take place when Mr. Bill was a child, and some take place when heís a young adult. Hearing stories about personal experiences helps to understand the topic on a deeper level.