Deliana Garcia

As Interviewed By Isabel Held, March 2017
"I'm old enough to have grown up in Texas as a woman of Mexican descent, to have experienced lots of episodes of racism."
Deliana Garcia

Introductory Profile: First Hand History Introductory Profile-Deliana Garcia

Ms. Garcia had curly white hair and waved to me in the rush and chatter of the Vietnamese restaurant. My interviewee was Deliana Garcia, the executive Director of the Migrant Clinicians Network. The Migrant Clinicians Network is a nonprofit organization that improves the health of immigrants across international borders. Ms. Garcia develops and implements programs to treat diseases that affect migrants, such as tuberculosis and HIV. She conducts screening and treatment programs for various diseases as well. My dad and Ms. Garcia both work providing healthcare to low income clients, and he referred her to me when I asked about an interviewee.

The interview began with Ms.Garcia telling me about her experiences with discrimination, from the unspoken times at an event to being verbally harassed at a grocery store. She then told me about her clients and the discrimination that comes with being an immigrant. We talked about the current state of immigrants and how they are treated in our country. She ended with her views on immigration and what one can do to help.