Erica Bodoin

As Interviewed by Gaia Hilliard, March 8, 2017
"The idea was educate people about the legislature that we really didnít want in place, and just had to explain that itís not about social rights, itís actually about taking away peopleís rights, and keeping people from having equal rights."
Erica Bodoin

Introductory Profile: About Erika Bodoin

Erika Bodoin was my interviewee, and I came to know her through her kids and as my mother's friend. She is 43, has black hair, and brings an interesting outfit into the world everyday. Erica was born in 1974 and was raised in Seattle. Erica is now living in Austin Texas with her husband and two lovely little girls. Erica is also a Speech Language Pathologist currently providing services at people's homes.

During the interview, we covered when Erika came out, and how people around her reacted. We also discussed the types of groups, anti and pro gay, and how the legislature were trying to pass bills to discriminate against the LGBTQ community. I found out that the US government was slow to get involved with the AIDS crisis because only LGBTQ people were getting AIDS. It wasn't until ďstraight peopleĒ started getting AIDS that the government got involved. Families would even get in fights because one supported getting help for AIDS, or are LGBTQ, while the other was against, or thinks they are whiners, and are most likely not LGBTQ.