Muna Hussaini

As Interviewed by P. E., March 18, 2017
"As soon as they found out it was some white guy, the coverage completely cut out."
Muna Hussaini

Introductory Profile: About Muna Hussaini

Muna Hussaini is a Muslim woman born in America, she mother of two and a social activist in her spare time. She works at Paypal as a senior manager and has graduated from UTís McCombs school of business with a masterís degree. Muna Hussaini has been the subject of hate crime post 9/11. The most likely reason of this is Islamophobia and how visibly recognizable she is as Muslim because she does choose to wear the hijab. I first heard of Muna Hussaini from my mother when she was talking about social activists in Austin and about some project she had to do for school concerning activist.

In this interview we discussed the topics of the immigrant ban, and the portrayal of Muslims and Islam in the media. There was a very concerned yet comical tone to the interview. I hope that you can get some in sight to the problems Muslim Americans face as a result of the media and its false claims upon the faith of Islam.