As Interviewed by Andrew G., March 14, 2017
"Your goal to serve your country and serve it well, and get that discharge that says you served honorably that you did your duty, you did your part, small part at that but it was still a part."

Introductory Profile: About Ezequiel

Mr. Ezequiel, my father, is 53 years old and of Hispanic descent. He was born in Laredo in 1963. After high school he joined the military in 1982 and served for six years until he received an honorable discharge from his commander in 1988. Mr. Garza is Hispanic, has green eyes and grey hair.

During the interview we covered subjects like the difficulty of the training, stereotypical images movies portray in war movies, and the overall experience. The tone of the interview was very relaxed. The only time the interview’s tone was low was when I asked Mr. Garza about any combat experience’s or losses. Luckily he had none.