Michael Y.

As Interviewed by Maya H.Y., March 15th, 2017
"No one is illegal. Money crosses borders, goods cross borders, but workers can’t cross borders? That doesn’t make sense to me. "
Michael Y.

Introductory Profile: About Michael Y.

This is an interview with Michael, my dad, who is a professor at UT. We met in his office, a quaint sunlit room in central Austin. His strong belief in equality for all drove him to follow his passions and support the DREAMers in their never ending struggle

I interviewed him on his experiences working with DREAMers, the undocumented youth brought to America at a young age, and his involvement in their never-ending fight for justice. Michael speaks of his experiences working with DREAMers, and how the DREAMers struggle is “the Civil Rights Movement of our day.”