Felix A. Perez

As Interviewed by Gabriel Villa, March 20, 2018
"The Vietcong would go into a village and capture all the little ones and all the men that could fight and they gave them a gun and said 'You're gonna fight or were gonna kill you.' "
Felix A. Perez

Introductory Profile: About Felix A. Perez

Felix A. Perez, is a former Navy Special Forces soldier, he is 69 years old, lives in Austin TX, Graduated from Texas State University, and he works as an engineer and electrician. He is married, and is a father to eight children. He is a traveler that goes around the world for his job. He helps build structures for famous companies like Samsung and Bose.

Felix A. Perez, or my grandfather, fought in the vietnam war, he was usually stationed on a boat patrolling the rivers and making sure that no enemies crossed, he also helped deliver soldiers to behind the enemy line. He was also an engineer for the navy, his rank was a E5 during the war, which means he was a Petty Officer Second Class.

Felix is a mid height senior citizen, medium built, that wears glasses and a ring from college; itís his graduation ring. He has dark brown skin with a mole on his cheek, you can also almost always find him wearing blue jeans. He has brown eyes and brown/gray curly hair.