Jose Angel Cedillos

As interviewed by Bryan Cedillos, 03/17/18
"I could hear the bullets and the scandal of people and planes. I was scared because I did not know what was happening at that moment."
Jose Angel Cedillos

Introductory Profile: About Jose A. Cedillos

He lived throughout the Civil War of El Salvador as a little kid. He lived with his parents, his older sister, and his twin brother. The war was between the government of El Salvador and the FMLN When the war first started he was at a funeral and he could hear shots and bombs all over. He had to run an avoid getting shot at, it was a scary feeling for him all out through the war.He had to be protected by his mother when the FMLN captured his father. He lived three years of the war hiding under his bed only eating resources he had and ask for from others. Twenty two days later he had found out that his father had escaped at the fourth day of being captured.
When the war was still not over,but happening somewhere else in El Salvador, his father had died from sickness. His mother was the only one able to take care of them. In EL Salvador it was very poor and the dollar was not in El Salvador at the time.