Patrice Melançon

As Interviewed by Cooper Roalson, March 19, 2018
"I think that if women can prove that they are physically capable of doing a job, they should be able to do anything that they want to do"
Patrice Melançon

Introductory Profile: About Patrice Melançon

My interviewee is Patrice Melançon. She graduated from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. She is one of my parents’ closest friends, and I have known her for most of my life. She is a brigadier general in the US Air Force, working as an engineer. She has won seven major awards over the course of her career. She also has a civilian job in the San Antonio River Authority, and makes sure to dedicate plenty of time to her family and friends. She is very hardworking, but also very friendly and fun to be with.

In the interview, she discusses how and why she joined the military, as well as her views on sexism. The interview is very informative, and it gives a special perspective on the issue. She also talks about the way many young adults enter the military - through ROTC (the Reserve Officers' Training Corps). This is a program where college students train for the military. Then, when they finish college, they actually enter the military.