Susan Burek

As Interviewed by Leticia Ortega, March 20. 2018
"Priya was two, three, four, and five when I adopted her."
Susan Burek

Introductory Profile: About Susan Burek

Susan Burek is my neighbor. I got to meet her due to my sister. She is 65 years old and is a hard working and loving person with a really big heart. She decided to adopted a toddler from India that is 24 years old now. Over time, they have grown a really strong mother daughter relationship. Susan works really hard and is really thoughtful in order for her daughter to be happy. To adopt overseas, you don't have to go to where you're adopting from, but Susan decided to go to India to learn more about the culture and because she couldn’t wait to meet Priya. While she was there she had many experiences and some difficulties.

In the interview she talks about adopting her daughter. She mentions how was the process of adopting, the problems she faced, her emotions, and culture.