Lisa Post

As Interviewed by Nora Kelly, March 10, 2018
"So it would be like the middle of the night and we'd be trying to call home."
Lisa Post

Introductory Profile: About Lisa Post

Although becoming her career in a standard business job, Lisa Post ended up looking for schools with good medical programs. After finding out Army had one of the best, Post talked to her husband and decided to go for it. Now she has been involved with the army for more than eleven years.

Post has been deployed twice now, first to Afghanistan and then to Iraq. With her two kids and husband at home it has been difficult for her and her family but she says itís definately worth it, because she loves what she does. In our interview, she explained how the communication with her family changes depending on where she goes. Along with having to go out of the country, their family has to move every three to four years which is considered lucky because on average, families in the Army have to move every eighteen months to two years. I feel very lucky to have been able to talk to Lisa Post about everything her and her family have had to go through and has made me grateful for all the people who go into the armed forces to protect our families.