Mike McDonald

As Interviewed by KB, March 15, 2018
"We were not very popular when we came home and less and less is that the situation now. I think people have come to realize that you don't blame the soldier for the war."
Mike McDonald

Introductory Profile: About Mike Mcdonald

I am interviewing Mike McDonald, A Vietnam veteran. He was 18 when he was drafted and sent out within the next eight months. I know him from family in North Dakota and went to speak with him over spring break. With his tall muscular look and speakable mind he often makes a very convincing argument.

Most of our time was more of a casual conversation however we talked about very gruesome topic and had a very joking tone of conversation. Talking about the atrocities of war and the horrid things that happen on the field. Hearing about what an actual soldier thinks about the war is really surprising and seeing how they feel and how they act really changes you.