Christopher Smith

As Interviewed by Ashton Smith, March 15, 2018
"It was the most beautiful green I’d ever seen in my life…"
Christopher Smith

Introductory Profile: About Christopher Smith

I, Ashton Smith interviewed my grandpa, Christopher Smith (a vietnam veteran), about his time in Korea during the Vietnam war. Christopher Smith got out of Basic about the 3rd week of December 66 and had one week leave. He was to report to Fort Knox on New Year’s Day, 1967. His parents dropped him off at LAX in the morning and was check-in to a Scout AIT class at Knox in the afternoon. He graduated from AIT (now an E-2) in early March. His OCS class was not scheduled to start until mid-April, so he was sent to serve as an instructor to teach people how to drive tracked vehicles.

Finally, OCS got started. The place was highly regulated with all kind of goofy rules designed to make you nuts. Christopher managed to get through the program and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant, Armor on September 29, 1967 and was instantly assigned to 8th Army, Korea. Christopher arrived in Korea (Kimpo Air Base) a couple of weeks later, and was assigned to the 20th General Support Group, located about 15 miles north of Kimpo, at the ASCOM compound. There Christopher was assigned to the S-4, Supply and Maintenance section. ASCOM was not a bad location, they were about 12 or sox miles easterly from the Port of Inchon, about the same distance, south, from the Capital City of Soul. They were also only 15 or so miles south of the DMZ.