Michael Natenberg

, 3/16/2018
"These Palestinian kids... they haven't actually seen the ocean even though it's only 45 minutes away. "
Michael Natenberg

Introductory Profile: Michael Natenberg

Michael Natenberg is a SMIA teacher and Ultimate Frisbee coach at Kealing middle school. He has always loved playing Ultimate Frisbee and he decided he would take his love for the sport and use it to solve a problem that has been going on for way to long, the conflicts between Israeli and Palestinian people. He believes that the children that live in this area of conflict should not have a childhood were there is constant argument.
He and many other volunteers from North America joined together and used Ultimate frisbee to bring together the kids that live in areas where there is no respect for the other side. He has used his love for Ultimate Frisbee to help solve a problem that we have in the world.