Aniko Paul

As Interviewed by Ally Kellar, 3/16/18
"Everything that my family owned was taken away by the government."
Aniko Paul

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My interviewee is Aniko Paul. She was born in 1940. She is my grandma and was born in Budapest, Hungary. She was 16 in Hungary when the revolution started. After World War II, Russia occupied the country. They took over the Hungarian government and replaced it with their own.
Aniko was staying with her family and her sister was a university student, who took part in the revolution. The revolution was slowly built up by the students of the students of Hungary University. Soon, the public joined too.
Russia came in with tanks and bombs and terrorized the country. Many innocent families were killed. My grandmotherís family was very lucky to have survived. This podcast tells you first-hand history about what it is like to be in Hungary during the regimen.