Laurie Heffron

As Interviewed by JD J., March 10th, 2018
"A lot of the people I end up working with or the topics I end up working on tend to be communities of people who are marginalized or whose voices are silenced and who donít have a lot of power in our society."
Laurie Heffron

Introductory Profile: About Laurie C. Heffron

Laurie C. Heffron is an assistant professor at St. Edward's University, and a Certified Social Worker. Ms. Laurie has a Ph.D. She is also my neighbor. Ms. Heffron has a very kind, outgoing personality. She can fluently speak Spanish and can roughly speak French and Hausa (a language spoken in Niger). Laurie specifically works in Violence against women that causes immigration.

In the interview we discussed many things; Things about her job as a Social Worker. Spacificaly the reasons, things, and issues she does/encounters in her job. She also tells us about how she came to know of Social Working and why she decided to take the path of social working. The tone of the interview is fairly light mostly because we have known each other for a little over two years, but there is also a slight hint of seriousness especially when she discuss the issues and people she has helped in her job. I hope you enjoy the interview!