Shashikant Shah

As Interviewed by Rohan Shah, March 22,2018
"We came as a refugee to India, they not allow us to bring anything with us and we had to start from scratch."
Shashikant Shah

Introductory Profile: About Shashikant Shah

Shashikant Shah is a 78 year old man with glasses and has black and grey hair. He is known to many has a brother, dad,friend,and known to me as grandfather. He was born in a difficult time for his family, his country, and himself. He has experienced violence, poverty, and went through the process of immigration to this country. He was born on January 24th 1939 in Karachi, Pakistan but formerly known as Karachi, India. He had 4 other siblings, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. During this time the British had ruled over India and many people were fighting to get their independence back from the British. He had seen many riots and peaceful protest to achieve their goal. In 1947 India had reached the goal of independence. After India got independence the British claimed that now a day Pakistan was an islamic state. There were many muslims claiming that what is now Pakistan was their land ,and they were slaughtering non-muslims to take their houses. My grandfather and his family fled to India for this reason. He came there with little to no money and had lived in without knowing whether he was going to have food or not that night.

He later moved to the New York working 2 jobs and going to school just to eat and have a place to stay. He has stayed in 3 other states and has lived in Houston since 1978.
Shashikant Shah lives in Houston Texas and has been there for 40 years.He was a long time dry cleaning business owner and retired about 3 years ago. He is very brave man for going through the situations that he has faced throughout his life. He also is very friendly and I have seen this when he talks to people and I have seen how many close friends he has made many close friends for the past 78 years. The interview over all went well ,but he sometimes had to think about the question since it has been a long time. As you know now he has faced many tough situations and tough times. He has had to fight for his right and his life and has taken the chance to move to a new country.