Jolan Hsieh

As Interviewed by Sophie Lee, March 27, 2018
"Continue to walk, continue to talk, continue to do what you believe."
Jolan Hsieh

Introductory Profile: About Jolan Hsieh

I interviewed Jolan Hsieh who is my godmother and one of my mother’s closest friends. She is currently the Associate Professor for the Department of Ethnic Relations and Cultures at College of Indigenous Studies at National Dong Hwa University, a Taiwanese indigenous scholar, a feminist, and an activist. She earned her PhD in Justice Studies from Arizona State University. She is also an author involving multiple books, including books centered around indigenous people and women’s rights.

She is overall a very positive and friendly person. Her appearance is very easy on the eye and natural. I enjoy talking to her because she is easy to converse with, but growing up in Taiwan, English is not her first language. She finds justice studies very important to be informed of, and to fighting for your beliefs is valuable, not only to yourself, but others.

Overall, it was enjoyable to interview Dr. Hsieh and listen to how she likes to inspire everyone, especially young people, and about the many ways people are able to participate in social justice. I had a great time learning about her experiences and her positions in social justice.