Jenna Laube

As interviewed by Lola Galindo DeLeon, March 15, 2018
"You could see that they had never been exposed to it before, and that they were proud of themselves for learning."
Jenna Laube

Introductory Profile: Introductory Profile: About Jenna Laube

Jenna Laube lives in Baltimore Maryland. She is my second cousin and just about a week before this project was assigned, my dad forwarded me an article about her for an award she will soon receive called the Philanthropic 5 for her extensive volunteer work. She is around thirty with chest length, brown hair and greenish-grey eyes. She was raised in a military family and is used to traveling, which is required for her job at G.E.S. (Groundwater & Environmental Services). There, she is one of few women with the title of “Senior Project Engineer”. She travels the world to help different clients with issues regarding oil and helps victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence.

I interviewed her about her experiences with community service (specifically about an organization she is part of called The Junior League of Baltimore) and a little about her work G.E.S. The main issues she tries to help with are the two I mentioned above (sex trafficking and domestic violence victims). The interview was taken place over the phone in my dining room on a Thursday evening.