Anna Walczak

As Interviewed by Victor Walczak, April 2, 2018
"It's just giving me... the memory"
Anna Walczak

Introductory Profile: About Anna Walczak

Anna was born and raised raised in Poland and moved to America in July of 2001, specifically to Bronx New York. Only months before the disaster that is known as 9/11. In her first month of living there, she already got a job as a babysitter in Manhattan. She would work Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00-3:00. One day while going to babysit, she experienced something nothing would have prepared her for, she witnessed the second plane hit the twin towers. She wasn’t surprised, mostly confused, and later on amazed, amazed on how they planned out such a big attack without getting caught. While this attach, her mom was in the hospital and had to be checked out early because the paramedics thought that they were gonna need a lot of room in the hospital for the survivors, sadly, there were barely any. My mom describes that as she was heading back to Bronx, she was covered all in dust from the towers.

Later on when she finally got home, she heard the phone ring and ran to answer it, as she was picking up the phone to answer, she dropped her grandma's vase. When she finally picked up the phone, it was her dad making she was all okay. After her dad called, she got a call from the baby sitters mom and she told her to stay in Bronx and they will talk about it overtime. My mother gets very emotional when the song “God Bless America” starts to play because it brings back the memory of this horrific event.