Kate Lively

As interviewed by Sophie Webster, March 15, 2018
"He actually was in a very safe place, but because he was driving on the truck through Germany -- it had lumber on the back -- and they shot him in the head, and he is buried in Germany."
Kate Lively

Introductory Profile: About Kate Lively

At age 12 and 13 Kate Lively experienced one of the worst times in all history, World War II. Her uncle and friends’ parents had to go off to war. One day, her uncle was shot in the head and killed. He is buried in Germany.

She is 88 and lived through a lot of traumatic experiences in her life, but she is still very lively and moving around alot. When she was a girl she wasn’t very well educated about the war and what was happening until after it had occurred -- she had started to learn basic information like where the Philippines were.

In the interview Kate is very saddened about the whole experience, especially because she didn't even know her uncle that well. Even though it is a tragic thing, she was still able to make a few jokes every once in a while, letting her fun and goofy side shine through the sad.

Topics that came up where how people around her where acting, the limited supplies, deaths, and people rejoicing. The podcast ends with Kate being grateful that she has not had to experience something like that since.