Elsie Jean Wortham

As Interviewed by Gabi Patt, March 7th, 2018
"I always felt good if I thought that I had done a good job that day and cared for that person. Whether the person lived or died, just to be kind and you know just to give them as much care and love as you could."
Elsie Jean Wortham

Introductory Profile: About Elsie Jean Wortham

For my First Hand History interview, I interviewed my great aunt. She was a camp nurse, a scrub nurse, and a school nurse. She was born and raised in Texas, and has a very fiery spirit. She has short, white hair and peach-colored skin. We did this interview in our living room, in a very relaxed manner.

My great aunt was always very sincere about the subjects I was asking about. This interview was about health. As a nurse, she was very important in maintaining health. She told me about the dangers of being a nurse, and how to handle situations. She also told me a couple of stories about her experience dealing with people and things. I feel like Iíve learned more about her because of this interview.