Karen Crawford

As Interviewed by Aviva Shaevel, March 12, 2018
"Most people who immigrate to the United States really love their countries and really love their cultures and have all their family -- and if they could stay there, they would."
Karen Crawford

Introductory Profile: About Karen Crawford

I interviewed Karen Crawford, an immigration lawyer. She is the mom of my younger sisterís friend, so I do not know her well. Immigration lawyers help immigrants become legal U.S. citizens, as well as keep their clients in the U.S. for as long as possible. Karen has been practicing law for years, and every day she tries to help immigrants not get deported. Karen had a lot of information to share because her job is so interesting. She was very patient and described her job in detail as well as other important information about immigration.

The topics of the interview were immigration, immigration policies, and what immigration lawyers do. Karen described some immigration policies and what immigrants have to endure in the United States. The interview felt like a casual conversation about immigration, and I didnít have to get her to explain he information because she was very descriptive.