As Interviewed by R.L, March 25, 2018
"Of course, it can still be difficult -- male-female couples have issues and difficulties, but it is just not the same level."

Introductory Profile: About K.T.

The person I interviewed is my aunt, K.T. She is a very open person because she lived in Japan for four years. She has very strong opinions, and so when she has an opinion on something, she will speak out. My aunt is really open to a lot of opinions and is really nice, even if she disagrees with you.

The overall mood of the interview was a little bit stressful, but overall calming because I know my aunt very well, but normally we donít talk about topics as heavy as this, so it was pretty stressful.

My aunt described two really big struggles of being in the LGBT community. The first one is that it is really hard to start a family, and so if you want to do it you have to go through a lot of work. The second one is that my aunt and her partner are an international couple, so itís really hard to go places without having to find out policies.