Jolanda Prozzi

As Interviewed by Eric Haney, March 17, 2018
"The neighborhood that I grew up in looked just like Hyde Park, except that everybody was white, and the houses are made out of brick... then there are large parts of South Africa where black people lived in very poor housing conditions -- shacks, mud huts, with no access to electricity or running water or sewage facilities."
Jolanda Prozzi

Introductory Profile: About Jolanda Prozzi

Jolanda Prozzi is the mother of two friends I have from school whom Iíve known since kindergarten. Jolanda Prozzi was born in Johannesburg, South Africa during the apartheid period where she went to schooling continuing into college. While in university, she became aware of Apartheid and thought unorthodoxly about it (having been white, she didnít have to be as mindful as Black and other no-white residents). She is gregarious, courteous, always ready to help out, thoughtful about tough social situations, rational and open-minded.

Ms. Prozzi explained how apartheid affected her, her society, and South Africa after reform laws were passed how South Africa formed into one united country again. The interview was depressing due to the fact that South Africaís discrimination situation was just like the United States, and interesting, because of how easily South Africa accepted reform. I thought that It was very Inspiring how Ms. Jolanda said that South Africans were riled up no matter their race and that even though they were the beneficiaries, whites stood with blacks at protests and asked for change. I would also like to thank her because of how deep and personal her experience in South Africaís apartheid period was and how she was willing to answer all of my questions.