As Interviewed by Ned Yu, March 18, 2018
"This included taking your grandfatherís land and dividing it away to other people."

Introductory Profile: About B.M.

My Interviewee was my mother. She was born around the 1970s in China (which was right after the Cultural Revolution ended). Mom is a procrastinator (like me), but is persistent and works hard on her goals.

The reason I couldnít interview about her experiences in the Cultural Revolution was because she was born after the event had ended, so I had to change the topic to how it had affected her father instead. During the interview my mother spoke about some of her ideas on why the Cultural Revolution started and then spent a while on her parentsí experiences. The overall tone of this interview was a bit mild, on the sad side. However, our relatives were never put in extremely severe cases, which is why itís never too sad. I really enjoyed this interview as it was nice to hear about my relativesí experiences.