As Interviewed by Darren T., April 4, 2018
"The Hukou system... is a direct cause of economic and social inequality... Lots of rural workers move to cities to get higher paid jobs... Their young children were left in the village to be taken care by grandparents... They usually suffer from psychological problems caused by the long term separation from their parents."

Introductory Profile: About J.C.

I know J.C. because she is my momís good friend. She was born in an urban area in China but now lives in the United States. She is shy, and this is probably partially the cause of the request to stay anonymous.

We covered the topic of Hukou, or household registration, and its pros and cons, how it affected her, her relatives, etc. The overall feeling was awkward, partly because we performed the interview in a car, we were talking about the government and politics, and because she had little experience with being interviewed. As an additional note, there wasnít a lot to talk about. I think the main reason to stay anonymous was to make sure the Chinese government didnít find out she criticized them.